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Medical Cosmetology Center
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Branding and Design Solutions for a Professional Cosmetics Brand


Medical Cosmetology Center is a flagship project led by Oksana Volkova, Ph.D., a renowned doctor from St. Petersburg. Formula O.V. is a cosmetics brand established as an offshoot of the Center. Our task was to devise the brand naming for this cosmetics line and to craft a logo and corporate identity that would stress the uniqueness of the cosmetics’ distinctive formula and emphasize its authorship. 


In the brand naming, we chose Latin, the language of the medical profession. ‘Formula’ signifies the scientific approach to treatment, while ‘O.V.’ are familiar initials to the brand’s consumers, representing Oksana Volkova. In the logo design and branding, we incorporated the image of the sun, symbolizing health and natural beauty, ‌emphasizing continuity with the Cosmetology Center’s own logo.