Design support

If your brand is faced with an array of design-related tasks, and you either do not have an in-house designer or your current designers are grappling with an overwhelming workload, design support provides the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

Design support focuses on solving specific tasks of your project or business within the planned tight deadlines.

What problems does design support solve?

It’s a cost-effective tool that enables you to quickly and efficiently address design-related tasks that emerge during the progression of your brand.

What does design support include?

We provide  an array of design services: presentation design, design of promotional and advertising materials, SKU adaptation, layout design, print-ready file preparation, photo editing and retouching, minor corporate identity design and logo design updates, creative and motion design, and beyond. We are ready to work on design tasks for any brand communication channels, advertising platform or packaging.

What is the workflow like?

It’s ‌outsourcing: you gain a predetermined number of hours from our highly skilled designers, assign tasks to them as they arise, and receive solutions within a concise time frame, paying solely for the design work performed.

What are the benefits of design support?

You can ease the financial strain of maintaining an in-house designer. Our services include a project manager and a consultation with our art director at no additional cost. Once you engage our services, we begin work on your tasks within a single business day.