Strategy encompasses the fundamental principles guiding how a brand engages with its target audience to achieve specific business objectives. A series of strategic decisions define the core identity of the brand, outline potential methods for promoting the brand, and specify the who, what, and how of brand communication.

The development of strategic decisions involves four key stages: brand platform development, brand strategy development, communication strategy development, media strategy development.

Brand Platform Development

A brand platform is a foundational document that systematically describes your brand’s essence. It includes its role, tone, positioning, attributes, audience segments, and archetypes. The platform plays a pivotal role in shaping a brand identity and unique perception, setting it apart from competitors and enhancing the recognition among consumers.

Brand Strategy Development

Brand strategy is a comprehensive vision for the future development of your brand or product. It encompasses a description of all brand components and addresses fundamental questions such as the brand’s goals, timing for achieving those goals, and the strategies for attaining them. Brand strategy delves into your brand’s architecture, consumption drivers and barriers, decision-making factors, and competitive landscape. It offers insight into visualizing the customer journey and brand tactics.

Communication Strategy Development

A communication strategy document outlines the core principles governing a brand’s communications. It identifies the brand’s target audience, key messages, competitor messages, consumer insights, and primary communication channels. This document also provides a creative concept, along with a schedule of potential communication campaigns. An effective communication strategy defines whom the brand communicates with, what it communicates, how it communicates, and when it does so. A communication strategy serves a range of business objectives, including cultivating a positive brand image, increasing consumer loyalty, expanding the audience, and keeping it informed about products and services.

Media Strategy Development

A media strategy is a plan for promoting your brand based on marketing objectives. It enables the selection of the most effective brand communication channels and provides an assessment of potential promotion costs. A media strategy outlines the results of audience research, including media consumption and overall trust in advertising. It also analyzes competitor media activity and identifies the scope, intensity, and timelines of advertising placements.