Corporate identity development
What we did

Branding and Design Solutions for a Private Label Cosmetic Brand within a Prominent Pharmacy Chain


MeDiva, the exclusive cosmetic brand of the Rigla pharmacy chain, presents a wide range of products, from children’s sun lotion to adult facial creams. Our objective was to craft a contemporary logo that would captivate a new target demographic while preserving corporate identity and brand recognition. Furthermore, our mandate encompassed establishing a cohesive corporate identity across all product lines, devising packaging design templates, and providing strategies for product differentiation within distinct series, based on skin type and care stage


We’ve designed an elegant and aesthetically pleasing new logo that effectively conveys the brand’s values to our target audience. We’ve crafted a seamless corporate identity, ready to accommodate future product lines. While distinguishing our product lines, we’ve ensured a cohesive brand presence. Beyond rebranding, we’ve introduced a brand-specific communication Key Visual, delivering a clear and distinct message to our target audience.