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Revitalizing a Recruitment Agency: A Modern, Vibrant, and Unforgettable Rebranding


YouStaff is a staffing agency that specializes in recruitment, staff and personnel outsourcing. At its core, it’s a brand centered on individuals who find support and confidence in their future through the agency’s professional endeavors. Our objective was to formulate the agency’s name, design a new logo, and cultivate a corporate identity. 


As the staffing agency operates globally, choosing an English name was imperative. Much like YouTube, the name ‘YouStaff’ cleverly combines two universally comprehensible words. This choice of brand naming establishes a tone that’s approachable, less formal, and imbued with trustworthiness in our approach to work. The logo encapsulates two key concepts: the prominent ‘You,’ underscoring the agency’s people-focused philosophy, and a circle symbolizing planet Earth, signifying the company’s worldwide perspective. Our choice of contrasting brand colors mirrors the youthful and dynamic spirit of our team.