Formula O.V.

Development of the name and branding for a new Trademark of cosmetics by Oksana Volkova
121 300 ₽

Project cost
14 days

Project time
4 persons

Worked on the project
Oksana Volkova cosmetic for professional and home care.
It is necessary to develop the name, branding and logo for a new Trademark.
The new brand should be associated with it's parent:
Cosmetology Center Oksana Volkova.

When we were developing the name of the trademark, we managed to express the uniqueness of the formula and show,
that the Brand is the author's project of Oksana Volkova.
The Formula is associated with the scientific approach that means
to be the simple and proven solution of the problem.
O.V. are the initials of the author of the "secret formula" familiar
to this category of consumers.

First of all, the audience of this product trust to Oksana Volkova personal brand.
In this Branding we have used the form of the sun to solve two diproblems:
- connection with the logo of the Cosmetology Center;
- visualize the symbol of health and natural beauty.

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